The Process

Thank you for choosing to explore the design and drafting services Crosby Creations has to offer. I specialize in custom home designs, additions, and renovations. I have lived in the Charleston area since 1995 and truly enjoy the rich Architectural history this great state has to offer. I have been designing residential homes since 2000.

Deciding to build a custom home can be a very trying and stressful task. I know from personal experience, as my husband and I completed our home in December of 2007. I will personally help walk you through each step of design, and help you choose an engineer and builder. I will be with you every step of the way. From initial design, through permitting and I will even be there for the builder should he/she have any questions.

Custom Home Design

I’d like to give you some information on how the process works. During our first meeting I will ask you some general questions about what you want to get out of your home.

  • Do you have a survey?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are you in a flood zone?
  • One or two stories?
  • Master down or up?
  • Siding or brick?
  • Do you intend for your family to grow?
  • Do you entertain frequently?
  • What is your square footage range?

These are just a few questions we will cover in our first meeting.

Once you have contracted with us to design your home we will start with a very primitive first floor layout. You’ll have an opportunity to make changes. Then we’ll move onto the second floor (if applicable), then onto the elevations and so forth. The time it takes to complete the process varies from client to client and also largely depends if there is an ARB (Architectural Review Board) we have to submit the plans to. As a general rule when there is not an ARB involved and we receive your timely feedback, the total design from start to finish will take 8-12 weeks, depending on our work load. This usually includes the engineering, as we coordinate with the engineer toward the last couple phases of the working drawings.

Renovations & Additions

This is a very simple process. We will visit the site with you and/or your builder. We will discuss your plans for the project and we will take measurements and photos. We will provide you with an estimate and contract (I never go over my estimated cost if the scope of work remains the same). If you’re planning an addition you must have a recent survey. Once you have approved the plans then I will send them to an engineer.

Please visit the Services page for current pricing.